As a consultative sales organization, NCC has been providing the automotive industry with the best information available to reach their best new vehicle prospects.

  1. Nielsen’s MarketBreaks actually measures ratings among people who bought a new car in the last three years or those that bought a new truck in the last five years. By knowing the viewing habits of these groups, dealers can make informed choices about improving the return on their investment from television. Only NCC can make unbiased recommendations as we represent every network in every market.
  2. Dealer Associations have worked with us to develop world-class media and marketing strategies that work. Whether it’s driving people to the showroom for a test drive, highlighting a NASCAR sponsorship they own nationally, or using mobile tests in new and inventive ways, dealers are on the cutting edge of using NCC Media’s products to maximum advantage.
  3. NCC’s new media platforms like iTV, VOD, and online have been helping car companies put product information into viewers’ hands at their request and given them access to long-form video content about their products.

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