Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism category remains one of the biggest advocates of NCC Media’s full suite of products.

  1. By using Video on Demand, Visitor Bureaus can engage consumers with a long form message from 2 to 30 minutes of additional information that cannot be communicated in a 30 second spot. Commercial overlays drive viewers directly to the VOD channel for viewing.
  2. Many programs on cable have themes that relate directly or indirectly to travel. From a host of programs on the Travel Channel, to the wacky antics of The Jersey Shore cast on MTV, program alignment makes the message mean more.
  3. Geo-Targeting is critical. The vast majority of cruise line travelers to the Caribbean are from the East Coast. NCC Media can reach your best travelers.

To learn more about travel and tourism advertising opportunities, contact James Loughran, Senior Vice President, Digital Sales and Business Development or call 212-519-0110.