IP Subscriber Targeting

NCC A+ IP Subscriber Targeting

Identify and reach your best consumer prospects from our 80+ million cable and internet IP subscribers.

Only NCC A+ IP Subscriber Targeting delivers your message to our subscribers with pinpoint accuracy wherever they go online, across thousands of brand safe websites. Only NCC A+ creates on exact addressable match of subscribers’ modem IP address and their billing address. NCC A+ can layer on third party data sources for internet targeting standards like behavioral, demographic, contextual and more. Ads are delivered across desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

How does it work?

NCC A+ Diagram

1 The 1-to-1 difference

Our 1-to-1 relationship with our subscribers allows NCC A+ to align modem IP addresses with subscribers’ billing addresses.

Stylized targeting imagery

2 Addressable Match

Match NCC’s exclusive subscriber IP addresses with third party data like the U.S. Census, Polk data and even custom client lists.

Digital Advertising Visual

3 Relevant Audiences

NCC A+ delivers your ad only to the consumers you want to reach. Your ad is served wherever and whenever they go on the web, on any device at home or away.